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Paracord Bracelet

Our Paracord Bracelet  is is made up of  550 Paracord type three military  The cord is made up of 32 polyester thread wrapped around 7 internal strands. Paracord which is Small volume, light weight, strong tension, wear-resisting easy to carry is 4mm diameter with the strength of 550 pounds.

The meaning of these bracelets transcends their obvious appeal as a clothing accessory.   Uniform professionals of all services, including military, police and firefighters now proudly wear these bracelets knowing that in addition to their historical meaning, they can also get 10 feet of lifesaving 550 pound test survival cord for any emergency.


Bracelet to Small:
If your Bracelet is to small you can stretch the Bracelet so the Bracelet is a little longer. Start in the middle of the bracelet and grasp the bracelet pretty tight with both hands and start pulling your hands outward while allowing your hands to slide toward the ends of the bracelet. After each stretch try on your Bracelet to see how it fits. Doing this will allow the Bracelet to get a little longer. You may have to do this a few time and be sure to check the fit each time you do the stretch.
Bracelet to Large:
If the bracelet is to large then start on one end by grasping the bracelet with both hands and PUSH inward while having a tight grip on the Bracelet. Do this from one end to the other end. This will allow the bracelet to go together some so it will be a little smaller. You may have to repeat the process a few time and check the fit each time.
IMPORTANT: If your Diamond Knot Clasp Bracelet is to small be very careful to NOT stretch the paracord so much that the Loop gets to small so the Diamond Knot will not fit into the Loop. If that happens you can follow the below directions to make the loop larger.
The Loop of the Diamond Knot Clasp Bracelet will in time get smaller due to the braid loosening up but all you need to do is follow the below directions and your Diamond Knot Clasp Bracelet will be easier to put on.

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