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Paracord Additional Items

Paracord Additional Items


All the additional items from cnparacord, such as paracord bracelets/paracord keychain/paracord belt,etc are all woven by standard 550 polyester paracord ropes. The elasticity of our ropes and its ability to withstand immense weight makes it - must have in every survival kit. Most of our products are used by people who go on outdoor trips. A woven paracord items can be worn for those who seek adventures outdoors or who makes it a living for seeking animals and other plants outdoors. The use of the paracord additional items are very handy and can be used in an emergency situation.


It is said that the inner fibres of the cord can be used to floss your teeth, this goes to people who have forgotten their toothbrush and their toothpaste during an outdoor trip. Also, it can be used if you got trapped in an isolated place.

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